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How often should your car be serviced?

It's a good and necessary thing to have your car serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. But of course it's a better thing if your car is serviced more frequently because that ensures that the brakes, the steering, the suspension etc are all looked after more carefully and more frequently which can also improve the saleability of that car, whether old or new.

It can be very tempting with an older vehicle to fall into the trap of extending the time and distance intervals between services but that's not a good idea. An older vehicle if anything needs more regular servicing. If these service schedules are left too long then it very often results in a much bigger bill to rectify faults that could have been picked up earlier.


You can expect to have to replace front discs and pads during a vehicle's life due to wear but are more likely to have to replace rear pads and discs because of corrosion. If you only use your car a little and always keep it in a garage rust is more likely to set in.Braking systems rely on friction to bring the vehicle to a halt – hydraulic pressure pushes brake pads against a cast iron disc or brake shoes against the inside of a cast iron drum.When a vehicle is decelerated, load is transferred to the front wheels – this means that the front brakes do most of the work in stopping the vehicle.

Car Servicing

Did you know that we can service any make of car without voiding your manufacturer's warranty? We are able to service all makes of car and light commercial from Peugeot to Porsche. We can even service your lawn mower through our Garden Machinery division.

Wheels & Suspension

Did you know that even a small pothole or a bump on a kerb can affect your vehicle suspension and wheel alignment? If this happens it can cause premature wear to your tyres and suspension system leading to poor handling and driver fatigue. Obviously this is a major safety concern. At Bromyard Tyres we can offer a suspension and wheel alignment check using the latest suspension alignment equipment. This will ensure your steering geometry and vehicle suspension is aligned perfectly to match manufacturer's specification.