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We have started 2022 how we left 2021, servicing mowers from automowers to ride on mowers.

Our extensive range caters for any size garden. Pop into our showroom a member of staff will be happy to help you, or send us your enquiry online.


Robotic Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna Automower® cuts your lawn while you relax. The robotic lawn mower works at night, and when it rains, with a perfect result — even for complex gardens.

Whether your lawn is large or small, simple or challenging, Automower® delivers the perfect cut.

Robotic mowers for every garden

With Husqvarna Automower® you will unlock hours and hours of free time. Instead of mowing the lawn, you can spend time with your family and friends, and engage in activities that are more enjoyable. And all the while, your lawn is kept in perfect shape by your robotic mower. Quietly and effortlessly, in rain or shine.

A smarter choice than ever

All components of Automower® have been carefully designed to be as intelligent and user friendly as possible. True to the Husqvarna heritage, Automower® takes advantage of the latest technology while at the same time offering the high reliability of Swedish engineering. GPS assisted navigation and built-in sensors help adjust the operation of Automower® according to factors such as grass growth, weather conditions and tricky areas. No matter how complex your garden is, your entire lawn will always have a healthy and well-kept look with little or no moss. With Automower® Connect you have full remote-control via your smartphone, and you can keep track of what your mower is up to in realtime. Automower® can also be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, included in IFTTT routines and integrated with your Gardena irrigation system.

Robotic lawn mowers built for safety

All Automower® models offer a high level of safety. It starts with the durable design, where rubber bumper, reliable ball bearings and brushless motor are essential parts. While working, Automower® automatically detects objects in its cutting path to avoid collision damage. The blades are not fixed but pivoting – and they instantly fold back into the cutting disc when touching an object. Any imbalance in the cutting system (caused by blades not being mounted correctly) is automatically detected. Theft can be prevented thanks to an alarm that is set off when the mower is picked up. The alarm can only be turned off by entering the product-unique PIN code. GPS tracking is also available on selected models, so you can track your mower’s position from anywhere in the world.